In January 2022, Digitwin Technologies project 【Digital Twin System of Zhangjiawan Town,Beijing Sub-center (Tongzhou)】 won the Smart City Award in the IDC Smart City Awards Asia Pacific (SCAPA) 2022 (China). 

今日,该项目从330多个案例中脱颖而出,被评为IDC 2022年亚太区智慧城市大奖(SCAPA)【城市规划与土地利用】类别最佳亚太智慧城市项目,实现从中国走向亚太。据悉,中国内地仅4个优秀项目获此殊荣。

Today, the project was selected from more than 330 cases as the best Asia-Pacific smart city project in the 【Urban Planning and Land Use】category of the IDC 2022 Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (SCAPA), achieving from China to Asia Pacific. It is reported that only four outstanding projects from the Chinese Mainland have won this award.




IDC亚太区智慧城市大奖采用 “IDC智慧城市发展指数”的六阶段基准评估框架来评定亚太地区最佳智慧城市项目,该指数旨在帮助城市规划人员分析其智慧城市行动方案的现状,从而让这些主管人员能够有效制定未来的发展计划。该项调查还包含公众票选环节,并通过IDC亚太区智慧城市大奖(SCAPA)反映了公众对本地区智慧城市建设领先组织和/或城市的认可。

The IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards uses the six-stage benchmarking framework of the IDC Smart City Development Index to rank the best smart city projects in Asia Pacific. The Index is designed to help city planners analyze the current status of their smart city initiatives so that these executives can effectively develop future development plans. The survey also includes a public voting component and reflects public recognition of the region's leading smart city organizations and/or cities through the IDC Smart Cities Asia Pacific Awards (SCAPA).



IDC 政府行业分析师贾云轩表示:


Digital twin technology is playing an increasingly important role in the construction of smart cities, and we are pleased to see that industry is working in a collaborative manner to help digital twin cities become a reality. The digital twin system of the Zhangjiawan Town project provides a macro to micro granular twin, effectively improving the management and service capabilities of the park, reducing O&M management costs and providing a model for park-level digital twin applications.





Digital Twin System of Zhangjiawan Town, Beijing Sub-center(Tongzhou)


The project is a forward-looking representative of the digital twin city sector.Through the Twinverse® platform, it realises the collation and presentation of data from the whole area of the town, the access to intelligent sensing devices from the whole area, as well as the retrieval of historical data,greatly enhances the control for town managers over the planning, construction and data management of the town, and improves the speed and accuracy of data-based decision-making.


As a starting point, Zhangjiawan Digital Twin Town realises the transition from Beijing to Tongzhou Sub-centre and then focuses on Zhangjiawan Town in a large 3D reality view.





Refined restoration of the whole area of Zhangjiawan town with 3D all-elements scenes






Support for multiple sources and real-time dynamic data access, enabling real-time monitoring and management of Zhangjiawan assets, population and activities, providing a reliable basis for decision-making in Zhangjiawan town





As a Top 5 digital twin solution provider in 2022, on the B-side, Twinverse® platform can be used to create an Enterprise Metaverse to help traditional industries leverage digitalization to improve productivity. On the C-side, Twinverse® can use digital twins to empower the construction and upgrade of smart cities, smart manufacturing and smart energy to enhance people's productivity and quality of life, providing a better experience.




很高兴被IDC Government Insights认可。在企业元宇宙中,使用我们的Twinverse®平台,可以让你沉浸在数字世界中,穿越时间:你可以重现过去,控制现在,预见未来。目前我们已经在中国上海、北京、江西、云南、江苏、天津、四川、福建及新加坡、马拉西亚等海外市场,通过我们的空间数字孪生技术赋能智慧城市、智能制造、智慧港口、智慧水务、智慧能源等多行业的企业级元宇宙应用。我们期待着为全球数字创新做出贡献。”

Headquartered in Shanghai, China and specializing in digital twin and Enterprise Metaverse technologies, Digitwin Technologies, founded by Michael Ma and Eric Liu, enables people to recreate the past, control the present and anticipate the future through the Twinverse® platform. We are delighted to be recognised by IDC Government Insights," said Michael Ma, founder CEO of Digitwin Technologies. In the Enterprise Metaverse, our Twinverse® platform allows you to immerse yourself in the digital world and travel through time: you can recreate the past, control the present and foresee the future. We are empowering Enterprise Metaverse applications in multiple industries such as smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart ports, smart water, smart energy and more with our spatial digital twin technology in Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Sichuan, Fujian in China and overseas markets such as Singapore and Malaysia. We look forward to contributing to global digital innovation."




  •  IDC亚太区智慧城市大奖(SCAPA)原名 “智慧发展指数” ,2015年始创于深圳,旨在提供一个坚实的平台来考察亚太地区的最新趋势,并解决本地区各个城市、地方政府及其ICT供应商所普遍面临的挑战。

    The IDC Smart Cities Asia Pacific Awards (SCAPA), formerly known as the Smart Development Index, was launched in Shenzhen in 2015 to provide a solid platform to examine the latest trends in the Asia Pacific region and to address common challenges faced by cities, local governments and their ICT providers across the region. 


  • 今年是SCAPA的第八个年头,其目的就是让一些最受欢迎的监管者、从业者和服务提供商共同聚焦亚太地区(不含日本)不断发展的智慧城市产业,探讨相关的战略项目、分享项目实施的成功经验。

    Now in its eighth year, SCAPA aims to bring together some of the most sought-after regulators, practitioners and service providers to focus on the growing smart city industry in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), discuss relevant strategic projects, and share successful experiences of project implementation.

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